Rear elevation in Suffolk landscape

Extension: development of dated house in Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty

Creek Cottage,

Kyson Point is an icon in the Suffolk Landscape. With views over Woodbridge and paths leading to the Deben and Martlesham Creek, it’s a highly sought after area for real estate. It is an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, which places restrictions on building development. The clients came to us, having purchased a property in the area, wanting an extension to their new home.

Cladding and Patio


As expected, securing planning permission for this design was not the easiest journey. However, through this process we were able to deliver a far more holistic design for this property. This included taking a more modern approach to adapt all elevations of the building, using alternative materials. The result is a cohesive design, contributing and reflecting the dramatic landscape it lies within.

Front Elevation
Extension Balcony

Creek Cottage and the River Deben
Rear Patio

Lead Design: Keith Weber
Contractor: Chapel Properties
Photography: Eric Orme

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